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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Students may enter the building at 8:05 AM to start the school day when the first bell rings. Please note that all of our entrances are monitored by School #2 staff members for security purposes. A second bell at 8:15 AM will signify that instruction will begin as well as morning announcements. It is imperative for students to be in their classrooms and ready to learn at 8:15 AM.  All exterior building doors will be locked beginning at 8:15 AM.  Parents may not accompany their children into the building unless they are attending a scheduled appointment. After the first week of school, if students arrive at their classrooms after 8:15 AM, they will be marked late. If a student is attending an early morning program, such as the breakfast program or music instruction, the student is permitted to enter the building prior to 8:05 AM and should enter through the main entrance. In addition, the PTA coordinates a valet service on Charles Street. Please DO NOT park on Charles Street in the valet area.  This will be a “drop and go” only.  

Please ensure that each morning, your child has everything they will need for the day, including lunch, instruments, etc. The drop-off of forgotten items can cause a disruption to your child's day and our general school operations. 



Valet Service


This year, our dismissal will be staggered. Please refer to the schedule below: 

3:02 PM - Grades 2, 3, & 6 

3:05 PM - Grades 1, 4, 5, and our 15:1:1 classes

Gymnasium Exit:
1st Grade- Silva, Schiller, Keteltas  

Triple Doors Exit:
2nd Grade- Costantino, Walsh, Ginocchio, Kea

Front Exit:- 6th Grade, 4th Grade, 15:1:1's


Faculty Exit:-3rd Grade

Charles Street Exit:- 5th Grade

As a reminder, no parent cars should enter the faculty parking lot during dismissal or park along Charles Street in the bus zone. 

If your child has permission to walk home alone, please notify your child's teacher via email or in a written letter. Teachers will dismiss walkers with the rest of the class. 

For dismissal, older siblings have the ability to visit the classroom or dismissal area of their youngest sibling so that they may exit the building together. Make sure each classroom teacher receives a note documenting your dismissal preferences for all siblings.


Parent Phone calls/Change of Plans: 

We need your help in finalizing your child's after-school plans at home to alleviate last-minute phone calls during the school day. However, we understand that sometimes, unexpected circumstances occur. If a dismissal change must be made after the start of the school day, please adhere to the established procedure. Any change of dismissal plans must be preceded by a written note with the date and signature of the parent. If emailing, you must also "cc" our main office staff: and In addition, any last minute change in the CARES after school program must be received by email, fax or phone call. 

This procedure must be above is crucial as we work to dismiss over 400 students. Safety is our priority. Thank you for our cooperation!